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The law of attraction states, "energy goes where attention flows."
When we are focusing on our goals and growth we will naturally attract all of the

abundance that we desire. 

Manifesting with the moon is one of the best ways to align yourself with the natural cycles of the Universe. Life is a series of ups and downs as everything is always changing. Just like the seasons, the moon goes through a natural cycle of growth and decay. When trying to manifest things into our life we must set the intention, nurture it, and release the old to make room for the new. This matches perfectly with an entire 28-day moon cycle! 

Below are the 8 phases of the moon and how we can use them to bring our

desired manifestations into our lives! 


New moon

- Sun (masculine, yang) & Moon (feminine, yin) 
come into complete alignment
- Energy is HIGH, time to plant new seeds
- Set intentions for something you’d like to bring into your life, WRITE IT DOWN!
(ex. balance, productivity, peace, etc.)
- Best to do one thing at a time, manifest in order


Waxing crescent

- Anchor your intention by sleeping with the paper under your pillow & reading it DAILY
- Practice affirmations & visualizing yourself already having your desired result


First Quarter

- Sun & Moon square each other (form 90 degree angle)
- This conjunct allows you to see issues that have developed since the new moon
- Adjust your plans
- Face challenges with productive solutions, find the lessons 

Waxing Gibbous  

 - Offers perspective 
- Energy will begin to run high right before the full moon
- Take massive inspired action to bring your desire into your life
- Give it all you got! 


Full Moon

- The full moon illuminates all that we have worked on since the new moon
- Moon (feminine energy) has a stronger pull on the planet at this time, bringing creative energy to a peak
- Expect harvest & breakthroughs
- Practice full moon rituals


Waning Gibbous 

- As the moon begins to wane, reflect on any blockages keeping you from the full manifestation of your desire
- Release what’s holding you back with ease
- Don’t resist, let things flow out of your life
- Make room for your manifestation


Third Quarter

- Now is the time to go within, listen to your heart for guidance
- Become FULLY committed to your manifestation
- Make ANY and EVERY necessary change


Waning Crescent 

- The final phase of the moon cycle
- What have you learned during this cycle?
- Read your intention.  What changes have you made since you’ve written it? Where do you still need to improve?
- Evaluate & reorganize for the next new moon

- Waxing: Action & Growth, Waning: Reflection & Release

- Don’t be discouraged if your desired manifestation doesn’t come in one lunar cycle. Great things take time! Be patient and never give up.

Continue focusing on your intention until it manifests.

- Make sure you manifest things in order.
  (Ex. Manifesting better money management skills before   
  manifesting a large sum of money.)
- Don’t expect results if you don’t do the work!

Good luck! Happy Manifesting!

Things to keep in mind:

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