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We are all aware of our physical bodies, but have you ever taken a second to notice your

subtle body? Just because we can't see it with our eyes does not mean that it doesn't exist.

Take a second to tune in!


Our subtle body, also referred to as our energy body, is what our energy flows through. There are seven key vortexes in our energetic body that are known as chakras and they each control different parts of our energetic field! When a chakra is blocked an imbalance develops which leads to mental, emotional, and even physical discomfort! Making sure our chakras are clear and free from blockages is essential to maintaining a bright aura and positive vibration! 

Below is a description of each chakra and what they control within our energetic fields!


Root Chakra

"Base" Chakra 

1st Chakra, Located at the base of the spine

Color: Red 

Element: Earth

Affirmation: "I am"

Represents: Basic needs, Security, Safety, Foundation, Belonging, Survival, Stability, Courage, Grounding

Imbalanced Attributes: Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Greed, 

Crystals: Hematite, Bloodstone, Fire Agate 

2nd Chakra, Located below the navel

Color: Orange

Element: Water 

Affirmation: "I feel"

Represents: Creativity, Sexual Energy, General feeling

of well-being

Imbalanced Attributes: Oversensitive, Feeling emotionally stuck, 

Sexual dysfunction/sexual addiction, Repressed creativity

Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Moonstone

Sacral Chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra

3rd Chakra, Located below the chest

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire 

Affirmation: "I do"

Represents: Self-Esteem, Will-power, Pleasure, Confidence, Personal Responsibility 

Imbalanced Attributes: Control issues, Low self-esteem, Manipulative tactics, Misusing power/authority 

Crystals: Topaz, Citrine, Calcite, Tiger's Eye,

Yellow Tourmaline 

Heart Chakra

4th Chakra, Located at the center of the chest

Color: Green

Element: Air

Affirmation: "I love"

Represents: Love, Self-Love, Relationships, Compassion, Peace

Imbalanced Attributes: Co-dependent, Jealousy, Defensiveness, Unforgiving , Fear of intimacy 

Crystals: Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite 


Throat Chakra

5th Chakra, Located at the center of the neck

Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Affirmation: "I speak"

Represents: Clear & effective communication, Good listening, Honesty

Imbalanced Attributes: Telling lies and gossip, Shyness,  Arrogance, Talks to much, Doesn't listen

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine 

Third-Eye Chakra


6th Chakra, Located at the center of the forehead

Color: Indigo

Element: Light  

Affirmation: "I see"

Represents: Intuition, Memory, Imagination 

Imbalanced Attributes: Lacking of direction & clarity, Nightmares, Stuck in illusion

Crystals: Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Black Obsidian 


Crown Chakra

7th Chakra, Located at the top of the head

Color: Violet 

Element: Consciousness  

Affirmation: "I know"

Represents: Higher consciousness, Divine Connection

Imbalanced Attributes: Close minded, Disconnected from spirit 

Crystals: Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Diamond

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