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"Feathers appear when your angels are near!"

Have you ever been walking and found a feather at your feet? Have you ever been deep in thought, and a feather just appeared out of the blue? This is a sign that your angels are trying to communicate with you! From time to time, our angels will send us signs and signals to let us know that they have heard our prayers and are working to make things happen for us. Depending on the color and what was on our mind when we made the discovery, each feather holds a very important message. You can even ask for feathers to be presented to you as a sign or confirmation for something that has been on your mind!

Feathers can be delivered to you in all different sizes and colors, but what do they all mean? Notice the color and how you felt when you were drawn to it. This says a lot about the intention behind the feather. Most times, finding a feather will be followed by a sense of comfort or relief. Our angels want us to know that we are always looked after and protected.

So, what do the different colors mean? 

Feathers Meanings


Pink Feathers

White Feathers

White feathers are the most common as they are a sign of faith, purity, and protection. White feathers can also be a sign sent from our loved ones in heaven, letting us know that they are well and watching over us. 

When you find a white feather you can find comfort in knowing that you are on the right path. Your angels are surrounding you and protecting you. They want you to know they are working diligently behind the scenes to make things come together for you!

Remember, no prayer goes unheard. When you talk to your angels they are always listening, so never be afraid to ask for help! 

The color pink represents unconditional love! When a pink feather is presented to you, your angels are reminding you of the deep love that they have for you. When we are feeling out in the cold, a pink feather comes to remind us that we are never alone! When we are vibrating with the energy of love we have the ability to create magic. Love heals all!

If you've asked a question about love recently, this is a sign that everything is okay and answers are on the way. If you have someone specific in mind when you discover a pink feather it means that they love you deeply!


Red Feathers


Red is a color of confidence, victory, courage, and passion! 
When you find a red feather, your angels are reminding you of your strength! Red is also the color of the root chakra which reminds you to trust that you are secure and all your basic needs are being met

If you've asked for a sign about a project or a new path, know that it will be a success! Believe in yourself and know that it's only up from here.

Finding a red feather is a sure sign that it is time to take action! Your angels are supporting you, but you need to help them, too. Only you can make your dreams come true! 

Orange Feathers

It's time to get your creative juices flowing!

When you find an orange feather you are attracting new, creative ideas that will bring you success! Listen to your intuition and follow the signs. Finding an orange feather is a sign that the new ideas you are having are approved by your angels and will bring about positive change! The color orange represents our sacral chakra which controls our creativity, sexual energy, and pleasure.

It's time to put more passion into your pursuits. Go with the flow, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. There is no box! Be spontaneous and enjoy the magic life has to offer!

Orange feathers could also be a sign of sexual healing if you have any sexual hangups from past trauma.


Yellow Feathers


You are being reminded to stay positive and cheerful! If you are experiencing depression or going through a difficult time, yellow feathers are a sign that happiness is on the way. Look on the bright side!

The more positive your thoughts, the more positive experiences you attract. Stay away from drama and do more things that raise your vibration.

The color yellow also represents the solar plexus chakra which is in control of our self-confidence and personal power. Now is the time to believe in yourself! Use positive affirmations and say "I can!"

You deserve to be happy!
Smile, live in the moment, and most importantly, have fun! 

Green Feathers

It's time to get to the money, honey! Finding a green feather means there are some lucrative ideas on the way to you. Remain focused and keep an open mind. The ideas can come from your intuition or signs and synchronicities from your angels and spirit team.
If you've asked about a specific project this is a sign confirming that it will bring you financial success and abundance! 
Green feathers can also be a sign of good health and healing. If your question is related to healing of the mind, body, or soul you are on the right path to recovery.

The color green also represents the heart chakra. 

Moving into the vibration of love instantly heals yourself and others!
"Relax, relate, release!" Let nature take its course. Do your best to remove stress from your life. Get outside as nature has special healing abilities.

Breathe the fresh air, and know that all is well. 


Blue Feathers


The color blue represents the throat chakra. Are you speaking your truth and living completely in your authenticity? There is nothing more beautiful than a person being completely themselves. The right people will always love you for exactly who you are, flaws and all. 
It's time to find peace. Go within and listen to your intuition. Finding a blue feather will bring an overwhelming sense of calmness, especially if life has been hectic. It's time to get back to you! 
Blue feathers can also symbolize the need to dig deeper. You are on a path to discovering who you truly are, and you are doing an amazing job! 
Feel confident in yourself. Know that the choices you are making are the right ones. Now is the time to feel empowered as you're stepping into a period where your connection with the divine is being strengthened!

Purple feathers

Purple is the color of deep spirituality as it represents the crown chakra! It is an unusual colored feather to find so don't take it lightly. When you find a purple feather it means you are waking up and going through a deep spiritual transformation. This is confirmation that you are on the right spiritual path! Congratulations! 
Your psychic abilities are strengthening as you continue to connect with the divine and higher power. It's time to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Be accepting of your spiritual gifts to activate them even more. 


Black & Brown Feathers 

Brown feathers present themselves to you when it is time to get grounded! If life has been hectic, make the effort to clear your energy and regain your stability! This also signals positive and uplifting developments in your home life. 
Get back to your roots. There is good news is on the way! Relax and let the abundance flow!

Black Feathers are a sign of protection from the angels. Release your worries. You are safe.

Believe in the magic around you! This could also be a warning of a negative energy around you. You are gaining wisdom. 

Gray Feathers


Finding a gray feather has a couple of different meanings depending on what is occurring in your life. The first meaning is one of peace. The angels are urging you to remain calm as peace is on the way. If you have been stressing it is time to surrender. Find your center and know that everything is going to be fine.
If you've been asking a question a gray feather has shown up to let you know that there is no yes/no answer. There may be many layers to the situation and you need to gain clarity in order to see things from a different perspective. Stay patient. Remain neutral. Things come to you in divine timing. You are equipped to handle the challenges. All will be well in due time.


Black & White 


Get ready! Change is on the way!

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