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"When you keep seeing repeating numbers it means your angels are trying to communicate with you!"

Angel numbers are one of the many ways your angels communicate with you! They are there to give you signs and confirmations along your spiritual journey. If you are seeing repeating numbers you are receiving divine guidance, as your angels are always trying to assist you during your spiritual awakening. License plates, billboards, receipts, books, Instagram likes, etc, angels numbers can be any and everywhere! Our angels like to get really creative so expect the unexpected! 

Surrender. Tune in and open up to receiving the messages!  Let your angels and intuition guide you as you walk your spiritual path. The more receptive you are to their signs and assistance the easier things will be.

What do all the angel numbers mean?

All angel numbers have basic meanings, but you must intuitively interpret what they mean for you personally as you walk your path. Pay attention to what you are thinking about and/or feeling when you see an angel number. Your feelings holds important clues as to what the numbers will mean to you. Listed below are the standard meanings of each repeating number.






"It's 11:11, make a wish!" I'm sure you've heard this before.

1 is the number of beginnings. When we make a wish

we are opening the door for something new to enter our lives.
1111 is one of the first repeating numbers you will continuously see when you begin to awaken.

It is a wake-up call to begin manifesting your true self and your soul's desires. When we see repeating 1's we are being reminded that we are the creator of our own reality. 
"Don't wait for the perfect moment, create it."
1111 or 111 will usually present itself when our thoughts are on track to create something new!

Welcome new beginnings with open arms.


2 is a number of duality, balance, peace, and harmony.
We must trust that we are always in the right place at the right time.
Even if things aren't going our way that doesn't mean they aren't working out for our highest good.

Remember, sometimes not getting what you want is actually a wonderful stroke of luck! 
When we see repeating 2's we are asked to trust and have faith. 
Remain positive, calm, and peaceful to attract the best outcome.

The number 3 holds the vibration of communication, creativity, expansion, and growth! When we see repeating 3's we can find comfort in following our intuition as our thoughts are being divinely guided at that moment. 
We are being encouraged to believe in ourselves and ideas more. 
We are powerful and infinite beings all here to complete our soul's mission. Express your individuality and follow your heart! 

Your prayers have been heard and your angels are assisting you behind the scenes. All is well!



The number 4 holds the vibration of protection, practicality, productivity, and wisdom. When you see repeating 4's, know that you are being surrounded and protected by your angels. Release all fear and worry because the higher power is working to keep you focused and out of harm's way. 
Continue building a solid foundation and working towards your soul's mission!
You are being encouraged to use your intuition and inner-wisdom to navigate through any difficulties. 
You are always divinely supported! 

The number 5 holds the vibration of change! When we see repeating 5's we can begin to look forward to new adventures or developments that alter our lives in some way. If you are having a rough time and the number 555 appears, put effort into raising your vibration as things won't be that way for long! Prepare for amazing shifts as the number 5 wants to bring in new circumstances!
We should release anything that is holding us back from our highest potential.
The only way we can bring in our desired manifestations is if we are a vibrational match to them. Release the old to make room for the new! 



There is no need to fear the angel number 666. There are no "bad" angel numbers, as all of them are here to help guide and assist you! When you see repeating 6's it is simply just a sign to balance your thoughts. 
It's easy to fall into the trap of worrying about the material world. When we are in a state of worry our vibration is automatically lowered. When you feel yourself stressing turn your focus back to your spirituality to renew your faith. Thinking negative thoughts only attracts more negative experiences. Give any fears or worries to your angels. Never waste time worrying. Pray and release it to the divine. Even if you can't see the solution know that your angels have already made a way!

When you see repeating 7's know that luck is on your side!
The angels are saying,
"Congratulations! You are on the right path."
Seeing the angel number 777 is confirmation that you have listened to divine guidance and are doing a good job on your spiritual mission.
When we walk in our purpose manifestation becomes effortless!
Continue to learn, grow, and speak your truth as you will attract the abundance you desire! Put your energy and effort into the things that feed your soul. You got this!



"I be getting to the money, everybody mad!"
The number 8 holds the vibration of financial abundance!
If you have an intuitive idea and suddenly see repeating 8's, know that this idea will bring you the desired financial success that you want if you are willing to put in the work. Angel number 888 presents itself when we are aligned with the money that we want. Don't stop what you're doing!
This angel number could also be a sign that you are about to receive unexpected rewards from past good karma! In this case, remember that all material rewards from your angels don't always come in the form of physical money. For example, maybe you were low on money and someone randomly offers to buy you lunch. You were worried about where you would get the money to buy something from Best Buy then you randomly meet someone who works there and gives you their employee discount.  

Blessings come in all forms! Be grateful while working on your abundance.

The number 9 vibrates with the energy of completion.
When we see repeating 9's it's a sign that something is coming to an end.
Most times, these are phases and cycles that are closing out so we can elevate. When you are about to complete major karmic lessons your angels will continuously show you repeating 9's to get your attention.
It is time to release and prepare for the next level. We can't welcome the new if we never say goodbye to the old. Don't resist changes as they will happen whether you like it or not. As Jay Z said, "Don't ever go with the flow, be the flow." Now is the time to surrender and trust you are supported in whatever comes next! 



"Rise up higher!" Remember, you are one with the Universe!
You are more powerful than you know and are capable of manifesting all of your heart's desires. When you see repeating 0's it is a time to go within. Meditate and connect with the divine because there is a new beginning on the horizon. Listen to your intuition and open yourself up to all the possibilities in front of you! Watch out for the signs because your next steps will be revealed as soon as you are ready!

Believe in your magic! 

Keep in mind that angel numbers aren't limited to just repeating numbers.

As you walk your path you may see a number repeatedly that has a special meaning that becomes important to you. (ex. 956 is very important to me and there are no repeating digits) So if you're wondering about a specific number just Google it! (ex. Type "Angel number ***").

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