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Angel numbers and feathers are just a couple of the ways our angels like to communicate with us. Believe it or not, your angels are actually very creative and many of them have a great sense of humor! Are you paying attention to the signs? Your angels love to assist you in every way they possibly can especially when you are vocal and ask for help. You can receive guidance from your angels and spirit team all day, but it's up to you to follow directions. You always have free will. 

Signs your angels are near & watching over you: 

1. Seeing Angel Numbers 

Angel numbers are usually repeating numbers. (222,333,444)

When you begin to see 11:11 everywhere you are beginning a spiritual awakening!

Read more about the angel numbers 



2 . Finding feathers

Feathers are another way our angels communicate with us! If you find a feather or one seems to appear out of nowhere, it is because your angels are trying to get your attention. Different colors have different meanings so be sure to find out the special message it has for you! Read more about feathers and their different meanings 

3 . Finding coins

"Pennies come from heaven."

Finding unexpected coins is a sign that your angels are present and sending you love!

You could have been asking a specific question or worried about a matter. Angels place coins along your path to bring you comfort and/or confirmation. Try to remember your exact thoughts at the moment you found the coin. Take a look at the coin as there may be another a sign or synchronicity for you! 


4. Experiencing Synchronicity 

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and suddenly they call? You ask yourself a question then a song comes and the lyrics seem to answer the question perfectly?

You're driving and see a billboard with a message that you really needed or an Instagram post pops up that resonates with you deeply.
These are just a few of examples of synchronicity!
Experiencing synchronicity is like a wink from your angels and the universe! It is guidance and also a sign that came to let you know that you are aligned and on the right path! Pay attention, as there is no such thing as "coincidence" 

5. Seeing flashes of light or  

sparkles out the corner of your eye

Sometimes angels will make their presence known by showing you flashes of light, glitter, or even shimmering orbs in the corner of your eyes. I view this as a wink! The angels are trying to brighten up your day! 


6. Rainbows

Seeing rainbows, especially on a clear day when it has not rained, is a message from the angels to remain hopeful and encouraged!
They don't want us to lose faith right before the miracle occurs.
It takes the storm to build our strength!

7 .Sudden pleasant scents that fill the air without explanation

Angels can make their presence known through sudden scents that fill up your nose!
Notice the smell. What were you thinking when it hit you?
Does it remind you of anything or anyone? 
Angels can come sometimes visit us while alongside a deceased loved one. If you smell a familiar scent it is a sign that they are well on the other side. They wanted to show up to send you comfort and love!


8. Random goosebumps, chills, or tingles 

When an angel is near the vibration of the space increases!
This is a sign that the angels are trying to raise your vibration and brighten your aura. What were you thinking when you experienced the tingling? This is a strong indication that you are on the right path!
The angels are raising your awareness so it is time to pay attention. 

9. Feeling a soft brush or touch against your skin

If you feel a gentle touch against your neck, shoulders, or feel as if someone has given you a soft hug, more than likely that it's an angel from above that has showed up to bring you comfort!

10. Feeling as though you are not alone even though no one else is there

You may feel a strong presence in the room as angels naturally raise the vibration around us. Angels can come sit with us to send unconditional love and healing energy when we need it. Tune in to your intuition and pay attention to your thoughts.

11. Hearing ringing or a high pitched noise in your ear 

Angels communicate with us by delivering intuitive downloads!
Sometimes we don't need all the information they want to give us at that exact moment. They transfer it so we are able to have access to it when the time is right. 
If the ringing is too loud, it is okay to ask the angels to turn it down a few notches.

The Attractive Northern Cardinals birds

12. Cardinals, butterflies, and other animals

Each animal has a symbolic meaning! They are called animal totems, and we can actually learn a lot about how to proceed on our path by studying how they operate in nature. 
Cardinals are said to be angels and butterflies represent ascension!

13. Television & music

Have you ever been going through a troubling situation and when you turn on the television the main character of the show is experiencing the same thing? The angels are trying to get your attention. 
Pay close attention to these occurrences. The angels will show you movies and play songs that relate to your situation to provide guidance!

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