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What is a Soul Mate?

Soul mates are different souls that we come across in our lives that are the catalyst to our evolution, growth, and expansion!

Soul Mates match us on an energetic level as many of them are a part of our soul family from past lives. We often "click" with soul mates upon the first meeting. There is a feeling as if we've known them before because we have, just in a different life!

Soul Mates enter our lives to teach us lessons. Some of our soul mates are meant to be in our life for a lifetime, while others are only meant to be in a chapter of our story. 

Soul Mates can be romantic lovers, friends, or relatives! 
Most love relationships we experience are with soul mates! 

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a person that you share the same soul with!  
Most people do not have a twin flame in this lifetime, as it is a very rare, highly spiritual, and synchronistic connection.

Your twin flame is your perfect mirror. 
If you've ever wondered what it's like to meet yourself, just look at your twin! They reflect everything back to you, the good and the bad. Essentially, your twin flame is yourself, just in a different body.

Twin flames have experienced many different lifetimes together.
During their last incarnation on Earth, they are meant to unite in order to create something that shifts the consciousness of the planet.

Twin flames have had many, if not all, of the same experiences in life.
They have the same values, desires, interests, goals, and even share the same traumas. Your twin flame is your perfect match, ultimate healer, and your best teacher!

There is always an unexplainable draw and sexual attraction between twin flames. Although platonic twin flames do exist, most are romantic in nature.

Your twin flame "feels like home", and it's like no connection you've ever experienced before.

There is a strong magnetic draw between twins as they are always connected spiritually even if they aren't together physically.

Your twin flame enters your life to support you on your soul mission. 
It's a relationship that is the catalyst for extreme growth within BOTH twins.

Before the first meeting, the twins often have vivid dreams of each other because the relationship begins in the 5D plane before it manifests into the physical. 

(Famous Twin Flames: Beyonce' & Jay-Z, Michelle & Barack Obama, Will Smith & Jada Pinkett)

Signs someone is your true twin flame:

  1. The entire relationship is full of synchronicities. This differs for each set of twins. (Ex. You have the same hobbies, your heights are the same digits reversed, you were born on the same day of the month, etc. )

  2. Your meeting seems fated in some way.

  3. Usually, there is something that is very significant to you about your twin's birthday.

  4. An instant bond, strong connection, and magnetic attraction. It's a feeling of "where have you been all my life!"  For many twin flames it is love at first sight.

  5. Powerful eye contact. You can stare at each other forever without it feeling awkward because you are actually staring into your own soul.

  6. You are able to be your true self without any fear of judgment.

  7. You have a strong telepathic bond/psychic connection because you are always tuned into each other's energy

  8. Emotions run high and are very intense at times. This relationship is deeper than any relationship you've ever experienced. You only have 1 twin flame.

  9. You both just know you are meant to be together. You see them as your person and vice versa. It seems fated in every way.

  10. The love is unconditional. You are extremely passionate about each other.

  11. Sex between twin flames is unlike any sex you've had before. It is extremely powerful as your twin flame is your ultimate sexual healer. Usually, during the first sexual encounter, the twins experience a kundalini awakening and they burn off any lingering sexual trauma or hangups they had before coming into sexual union. You'll never experience sex as good as the sex with your twin flame with anyone else. It's like an orgasm in every chakra.

  12. Yin/Yang. You seem to be complete opposites yet you're exactly the same. You complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, perfectly. 

  13. Through understanding your twin you understand yourself more.

  14. When you first met or discovered each other you were not prepared to come into union. There could have been many blockages as sometimes one or both of the twins are already in relationships. (Many twins are placed in very karmic and toxic relationships in order to learn difficult lessons before coming into union. This is done to protect the relationship with your twin so that you remain in a harmonious union.)

  15. Being apart is very painful. You feel as though you are better together. If you ever were to separate your paths will always seem to cross again in some synchronistic way. 

  16. You regularly see                                 (ex. 1111, 222, 444, 888).

  17. You regularly see your twin's name and birthday. You constantly receive signs and synchronicities that remind you of them. 

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